This ancient plant has many benefits and uses. See our products and our farm to see how you can benefit from this aromatic plants.
Our Farm
Our Farm
Our certified organic farm located in Palisade, Colorado is open to the public May through September. Open you up your senses and come visit. You can experience u-pick, classes, farm tours and a quaint country store.
Walk through the greenhouses and fields on your own or have a guided agritour. Learn how to grow lavender successfully, learn about different characteristics and uses of all the different lavenders grown on the farm. Have a group? Call ahead for customized tour.

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An heirloom, an Indigo and a cherry

All tomatoes have stories. They come from all corners of the world, bringing new riches to different cultures around the globe. They are saved, rescued, cultivated, hybridized, lost and found. They’re sliced, chopped, blended, boiled, fried, stirred and canned. They’ve been thrown at poor actors and eaten by kings. They’re Italian, Spanish, Argentinian, Thai, Mexican, Greek, Russian and…

Preserving the harvest: Our three favorite ways

It’s hard to believe that in just one week, we harvested more than 20,000 pounds of cherries. And we even left a few trees full for the birds! Such is farming – and gardening – after all. In the winter, we dream up our designs and flip through gardening catalogs, prepare our beds and tend to…

One of the first of the year to bloom, Folgate lavender is a coveted favorite. This English Lavender (L. angustafolia) variety grows neat and tidy on a fairly compact bush. Its flowers bloom a vibrant violet-blue that bees, butterflies and florists absolutely adore. Growing Folgate Arriving first in late spring, Folgate makes a second appearance…

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Labor Day
Sep 5 all-day
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all-day Columbus Day
Columbus Day
Oct 10 all-day
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all-day Halloween
Oct 31 all-day
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