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You will find a unique selection of certified organic plant starts at our farm.  Apart from specializing in lavender plants, we have a wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetable starts and over 30 heirloom tomato varieties.  This selection is truly unique; apart from finding some old time favorites, you will encounter varieties that can not be found at your common garden center.  Customers are welcome to come by with their plant list in hand. We will help you select plants appropriate for your garden and give planting advice.

You will find certified organic plants starts are healthy and sturdy, we use no synthetic fertilizers and we do not over feed our plants, this makes our plants transition easily into your garden setting.  We only use natural fertilizers and humic acids which help develop a strong root system.

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Lavender Plant Size Availability & Pricing

Lavender plants available in 1″ plugs and 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and gallon pots.  Plugs are available in March and April and are custom orders.  Potted plants are available first of May.  Custom orders are taken in the fall no later than November 15th. 

WHOLESALE PRICES: Minimum of 160 plants for wholesale prices. 3 1/2″ $4.00 each(can mix and match varieties with 3 1/2″ only).  Less than 160 plants (18 plants/flat) order prices are $6.95 EACH FOR 18 OR MORE, LESS than 18 are $8.00 EACH.;GALLON POTS $12.95 – 12 OR MORE $11.95/EACH; 24 or more $9.95 each(for larger quantities call). Deep 2 1/2″ pot (32 plants per flat-can not mix and match) $2.25/plant. 1″ 72-plug trays are for early spring shipping or pick up ONLY. 3 flat minimum is required for 72 plug trays $86.40/tray.


Sage Creations Organic Plant CSA – the Gardner’s choice

Local Plant Starts for a Thriving Community

We are offering an opportunity to pre-buy vegetable, herb, and flower plants and organic seeds for your garden for approximately a 10% savings. And you get first pick options at our plant sale along with first-rate gardening advice.

We grow a large range of vegetable plants, cutting flowers, bedding flowers and a multitude of herbs, both culinary and medicinal at Sage Creations. Our selection is made up heirloom, open pollinated and American Award Selection Winners. Our customers are amazed at how well our plants do for them. We use a certified organic potting soil and amendments – our special ingredients aide in the health of the plants. We have countless testimonials that are plants have a health and vigor like no other.

The Order Form for our organic Plant CSA allows you to select from the following four categories:

  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Vegetables
  • Organic Seed
The dollar amount of each CSA will vary for each customer according to your needs. The CSA plant selection will be made up of 4″ pots, 2 ½” pots and 6 packs and organic seeds for direct sowing.