The Farm and COVID-19 Precautions

  • We are committed to keeping you, our family and staff, and the Grand Valley community as safe as possible.
  • We are committed to following both the spirit and the intent of the rules and guidelines set out by Governor Polis and the CDC during the operation of our Farm.

We have been thinking extensively about our plan for this Spring with regards to plant pick-ups, order filling, and public access to the Farm. In addition to being our business, the Farm is also our home where our family lives, works and plays every day.

This will clearly dictate important changes in the way we function with regard to filling your plant orders and having you access the Farm.

When visiting the farm, we ask the following:

  1. We will require a face mask/face covering to be worn on our property while shopping in the retail and greenhouse areas.
  2. Only touch what you intend to purchase.
  3. Maintain social distancing.
  4. Pay attention to the one-way paths throughout the greenhouse area.
  5. We will only allow four shoppers (walk ins) parked to shop at a time.
  6. We encourage pre orders and scheduled pickups.
  7. Plant pre-orders and scheduled pick up customers will park in second driveway between the greenhouses. Look for the sign.
  8. Walk-in parking is limited to 4 spaces at one time and will take place in first driveway in front of our farm shop.
  9. If you are ill in any way, we ask that you not visit the Farm- we will safely hold your order for pick-up at a later date.
  10. For the month of June  July we will have appointment days.  See our schedule.

The following is what we will be doing on the farm to ensure safety:

  • Our preference will be to take electronic payment in advance, and limit the amount of hand-to-hand transfer of cards, cash, etc. We anticipate having a method to as safely as possible take payment/ additional payments at the “curbside” location as needed.
  • We plan to employ appropriate social distancing.
  • Our inclination at this time, given what we know as of this date and what most experts currently recommend, is to severely or completely limit free access to the Farm by the general public.
  • We may require that you sanitize your hands before entering the Farm property- we would have a station set up for this.
  • We follow quite strict hand and hygiene processes here on the Farm. But we will have handled your order prior to pick-up.
  • No one who is ill will be allowed to work on the Farm or handle our products.
  • Nonetheless, we recommend you bring supplies with you to handle your order as you see fit once you take possession of it.