Welcome to the greenhouse: Organic plant starts are thriving

With the largest organic tomato selection in the Grand Valley, our greenhouse is full of healthy, certified organic plant starts.

See for yourself!

What makes a Sage Creations Organic Farm plant start so special?

We sprout non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds – and we start with organic seeds whenever possible.

We transplant our seedlings into biodegradable or recyclable pots. Every year, we re-use any containers that are still in good shape, using certified organic potting mix.

We add natural, organic fertilizers and microzea to establish microorganisms that improve plants’ root systems.

Every spring, we release beneficial insects inside our greenhouses to control pests in a natural way.

Domestic water keeps our plants alive and thriving, and our greenhouses stay heated all winter long.

We also believe in paying our farm employees sustainable wages. Together, our hard work and love for organic practices lead to strong, healthy plants.

When you invest in our plant starts, you’re investing in sustainable farming practices. And remember, you can carry the torch and use sustainable methods to create an organic garden in your backyard.

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